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"When I visited Jack Gagliardi I'd been living with a lingering cough for nearly five months and facing breathing irritations for most of my life - it was making it difficult to conduct meetings or speak on the phone. Within three weeks of taking Jack's treatment, my cough was gone and I was back to peak performance at work. My traditional doctors couldn't help me and the drugs I was prescribed only made things worse. But Jack listened, interviewing me for 2 full hours before settling upon a course of action. And it worked wonders."

C. Carder,
CEO and Entrepreneur,

A week after having invasive surgery , I spoke with Jack about my recovery. I was still suffering from intense pain internally, and extreme fatigue. So much so that I was crying in pain, and could only lay down all day and night.  The pain was so great in the hospital, that I was on a morphine drip. The pain I felt was worse than childbirth, it was so intense. The doctors told me it would take 6-8 weeks to heal.

Jack took my case and recommended a homeopathic remedy to help with the healing process. I took the remedy, and within a 24-48 hour period I was feeling a vast improvement. Enough so, that with a day or two of the remedy, I was walking around and had the 'spirit' to do some regular activities. The intensity of the pain was much reduced. I had such a significant return of my regular self and energy, that I called my sister and said "I'm back!"


Our son was diagnosed with asthma from the age of three months and we spent many nights in hospital emergency rooms and watching our baby be induced with steroids and other medications that caused him to vomit and quake uncontrollably not to mention his little heart raced. We are non- smokers and I had a very healthy pregnancy. My heart would break each time we heard the symptomatic coughing and wheezing. After several months it was suggested that he see a homeopath. Jack Gagliardi came highly recommended through family members and we made an appointment.

He had needed inhalers to breath comfortably everyday but from the beginning of his homeopathic treatment our son's health and development has only improved. He has not used an inhaler since January 2005 and his development has increased remarkably. He is problem free now and a common cold for him is no longer a threat.

I am deeply grateful that he can play and laugh and be in play groups without fear for his health. I have recommended homeopathy as an alternative to mainstream medicine, to all my friends and family. Our son stands as a perfect example that homeopathic medicine works.


I've suffered from migraines for about 15 years, possibly longer. My doctor prescribed various medications to help me deal with the pain, but nothing (even strong painkillers) really seemed to completely help alleviate the pain and discomfort. My migraines would last a week or more. Daily activities were difficult to do and my moods were not pleasant for those around me. PMS symptoms were getting out of control. I was frustrated and thought that I would just have to live with this condition for the rest of my life. Before I met Jack, I'd never considered homeopathy, but I thought that I would give it a chance. I'm glad that I did because Jack has significantly helped me with my migraine symptoms in the last 2 years. Many months have been completely migraine-free. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which caused me to have irregular periods and PMS are also a thing of the past. He really took the time and made the effort to try to understand my problem and for the first time I really felt as if someone really cared and was on my side!


I began seeing Jack Gagliardi in 2008. I was plagued with 20 years of extremely poor health. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Asthma, a Heart Block, Arthritis, Restless Legs Syndrome, Depression and a Seizure disorder.

When I began seeing Jack I was barely able to make it in to his office. I was extremely weak, in great pain, depressed and could barely make it through the appointment.

Jack patiently took my case and worked through each symptom of my case in great detail. Jack prescribed a homeopathic remedy for me and from that day the healing began. He watched over my case and progress with great care and changed remedies when needed

Today I am better than my old self. I am off all my prescriptions medications. I no longer need my asthma puffers, I am able to walk, shop, paint and work on my crafts and I have my energy back. My emotional state is better than it has ever been, I am off my heart medications and I haven't had a seizure (which used to happen almost daily) in over 10 months. Jack actually saw the last seizure I had because it occurred in his office. He acted accordingly, kept me safe and from hurting myself. The seizures usually lasted anywhere from 10-20 minutes and were very violent. Jack actually prescribed for me on the spot and administered the remedy while I was in seizure. Miraculously the seizure was aborted in 30 seconds. Since that dose, I re-dosed once and have never had another seizure.

I am so grateful to Jack for helping me get my life back when the doctors continued to tell me that my condition would not change and that I was going to have a life of constant medication with a poor quality of life. Friends, family and even my pharmacist (who used to see me very regularly) can't believe the change.

I still continue to see Jack regularly to make sure my I keep myself in the best health possible.



After being diagnosed with cataracts I was fearful of eventually losing my vision. Doctors had recommended surgery but I was looking for another way to treat my case. I met Jack for an appointment and he prescribed a homeopathic remedy. Within 1 year my cataracts have completely cleared and my opthamologist has declared me cataract free.


I strongly recommend Jack Gagliardi and greatly appreciate all of his help.

I had a major skin problem on my face for over one year. I always had good skin and had never gone to a dermatologist. Initially, I had a dry patch which turned into a rash. Worsening, my skin opened and blistered and spread to most of my face. Aside from the physical issues, the condition resulted in others wrongly believing it was potential contagiouswhich made it emotionally draining. I could not wear my contact lenses or any make-up, which made me feel more self conscious.

I went to a number of specialists and dermatologists over the course of a year. A skin biopsy was recommended, fearing that it may be skin Lupus. I was given many antibiotics as well as other medications and topical treatments.

No one was able to tell me what my skin problem was. Fortunately I was referred by a colleague and friend to Jack Gagliardi. After taking a full case, Jack gave me the remedy that was required and healed my problem. I could not believe the great improvement nor could others who knew of my condition. I highly recommend Jack, without any hesitation, to anyone seeking expert advice and care.


I visited Jack to deal with episodes of vertigo as well as chronic tinnitus (ringing in the ears). The vertigo was so bad I had trouble walking, would vomit and break out in a sweat. The ringing in my ears prevented me from tuning the guitar I loved to play. I could not make out voices from the TV and music on the radio sounded distorted. Jack took my full case and prescribed a homeopathic remedy. After only two doses, the noises in my ears stopped and I was able to tune my guitar again!. I no longer needed to turn up the TV or radio and I haven't had an episode of vertigo since.


My husband had been suffering from loss of sleep, loss of energy, extreme fatigue and depression for over a year. We did not know what was wrong and nothing we tried worked. Knowing the history of depression and suicide in my husbands family, I was very concerned. A friend suggested we have a live blood cell analysis done. I found Jack's website and saw that he also practiced homeopathy. During the consultation I was impressed with the amount of time Jack took, and the depth and detail he went into. My husband started using the remedy Jack suggested and the change in him was immediate and amazing. The man I married 10 years ago was back. He was happy again, sleeping better and full of energy. That was 2 years ago and he is still doing well. Needless to say, I tell all my family and friends about our experience with homeopathy and Jack.


One morning last summer, I woke up with heart palpitations, sweaty palms, a choking feeling in my throat and I had great difficulty breathing. I was rushed to the hospital where I was subjected to many tests. I was finally told that I was suffering from a panic attack and I was discharged with instructions from the doctor telling me that I just needed to relax. I had never before suffered from panic attacks so I did not understand what was happening. Furthermore, I continued to experience a choking feeling along with difficulty breathing and my doctor kept telling me to try to relax even though I thought I was going crazy.

A friend of mine recommended that I see Jack. At that point I was very unhappy and at a loss as to what was happening with me. My first appointment with Jack was long but I was very impressed that he actually took the time to listen to me and explain so many things. The live blood analysis (looking at my general state of health) was very impressive.

Jack prescribed a homeopathic remedy and after the first day of taking the medication, I felt a slight improvement. After leaving Jack’s office, I felt an immense pressure lift off my shoulders. My healing process was slow but everyday I noticed some improvement. Within a few months I felt so much better. Today my life is great. I have not had another panic attack and I feel fantastic.

In addition, every year, without fail, I get the flu in January. I am happy to report that, so far, this year, I have not succumbed to the flu because I have been taking the homeopathic influenza remedy which Jack prescribed.

There are many things I am grateful for in my life and one of those things is knowing Jack. My life has been changed from the first time I visited him because he has helped me to understand things about my body. It is evident he is passionate about his work. He really listens to what you have to say, he never judges and is very professional. I believe in his treatments and I have been recommending everyone to see him. Thank you Jack.


When I first considered homeopathy it was mainly because I was tired of the run around I got from my regular doctors. They sent me to one specialist after another for years for everything that ever affected me. I got so many different 'diagnoses' that contradicted one another. It was frustrating and costly. I wanted someone who could help me in one go and also help my body to realize it's own healing potential.

Someone recommended I try Homeopath,Dr. Gagliardi. I saw him, he treated me and the relief was nothing short of wow! His treatment covered seemingly little things that I'd lived with for so many years and thought were just part of living, my bum knee that hurt from the time I was 10 years old, the "plantar fasciitis' that I had endured forever and had me crawling on the ground first thing in the morning because it was so painful and that a $500 sleep cast and ultrasound therapy could not fix, and all the big things as well.

Recently, after finding out I was pregnant I began having very painful round ligament pain around week 16. I knew homeopathy was safe for pregnancy but was still hesitant as I wanted to not take any medicines at all during pregnancy. I spoke to my midwife and my nurse practitioner and they told me ice or heat were all I could apply and if it got really bad take some Tylenol but that it was normal pain and would leave after giving birth. I didn't want the pain to continue and I didn't want to take Tylenol but the pain was so bad I needed help simply walking around my apartment. After discussing it with my husband he reminded me of the relief I felt on taking homeopathic remedies in the past and suggested that if nothing else I could discuss it with Dr. Gagliardi and go from there. I made the appt and told him all my fears. He reminded me of how the remedies work, their safety and that I absolutely did not have to take them if I didn't want to. I hobbled home and thought about it and decided a homeopathic remedy couldn't be nearly as intrusive as the antibiotics I had already taken for nasty Strep or the Tylenol I had been recommended and decided to take the remedy. It worked like a treat!!!!! Over night I felt better than I had in weeks. Now whenever I feel the slightest twinge after overexerting myself I take the remedy and it disappears once again. So mama feels great and baby is absolutely well!

He's helped me feel so comfortable in my own skin again. I'm not sure what the state of my health would be right now were it not for him. I've recommended him many times to just about anyone who is feeling dis ease and will continue to do so. I'm sure he'll be the one to treat baby when he/she is born. I don't think I could have it any other way".


I started University in 2004 and that is when many of my health problems occurred. Due to the amount of stress and pressure I was placing on myself, my body was quickly becoming unhealthy. As a result my menstrual cycle was becoming very irregular. I would have month long periods, discharges and eventually my periods stopped.

I was putting on weight even though my eating habits were good. I also started to have a lot of acne and as a result acne marks and blemishes. I went to my family doctor and he did not take my concerns seriously. Even though I asked my family doctor to see a specialist he just sent me home with some birth control pills. The pills did not work and my periods were irregular or absent.

For all of 2005 I took the pills recommended by my family doctor, and I still felt unhealthy, as if I was hurting my body as opposed to helping it. I went back to my family doctor again and demanded to see a specialist...he recommended a gynecologist. In January of 2006 I went and saw the gynecologist who diagnosed me with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome).

I was confused as to whether the PCOS caused the symptoms such as weight gain, or whether gaining weight caused PCOS. When I asked the doctor to clarify this, even he could not properly distinguish it. Again this doctor sent me home with some more birth control pills and told me nothing can be done and that I had to depend on those for the rest of my life. I was heart broken and scared and the more I read about it on the internet the more nervous and stressed I got.

In November of 2007 my mother told me to try out homeopathy, and passed on Jack’s contact info. By this point I was determined to get my life back on track. Jack explained everything to me from top to bottom. He put me at ease and I was surprised to see that he wanted to specifically know the root causes of my health problems, as opposed to my previous doctors who spoke to me for about 5 to 10 minutes, if I was lucky. He made me understand that the stress I was putting my body through for 4 years had a tremendous effect on my health. After taking a thorough case, Jack gave me a remedy which I took in January, and in the first month I got my period. After that I stopped taking the remedy and my periods have been regular ever since. I feel and look healthier.

I am extremely glad Jack came into my life and I have been recommending him to others ever since. He has changed my life, and most importantly he has helped me understand my body. We should try not to work against it by taking unwanted medicines or by living an unhealthy stressful lifestyle, but we must work for our bodies, take care of it and nurture it.


I was going through bouts of depression for a few years, and only within the last year did it worsen. I suffered from a few breakdowns as well as some minor health issues, but suffice to say; I felt as though my life had shattered into a million pieces and I couldn't put the pieces together anymore.

I stopped going out, stopped speaking to my friends and my family and I felt completely alone- like no one could possibly understand how I felt.

I was referred to Jack after suffering a huge breakdown and after much reluctance, I decided that I had nothing left to lose and was going to see him. I am a person who finds it very difficult to trust anyone, and it scared me beyond belief that It was about to share my entire life story, situations, and feelings with a complete stranger who was more than likely going to judge me.

Boy was I wrong! I was the complete opposite. Jack was amazing. He honestly made me feel comfortable instantly and let me know that I should share only what I felt comfortable sharing. He listened to everything I had on my mind and asked questions to get a better understanding as to where I was coming from. The best part was that Jack never judged me for what I had been through and he was able to help me find the underlying reasons for my depression. He took his time to prescribe a homeopathic remedy. He explained things to me, and I felt that he understood me when I voiced my concerns, something I hadn't done with anyone.

Going to see Jack has truly changed my life. Jack is wonderful, and for anyone thinking about going to see him, stop thinking and go!


It is not by chance that I found Jack Gagliardi when I was seeking a solution to my health needs. Jack helped me to not only get relief from my chronic gastritis but also provided various homoeopathic prophylaxis' for my daughter, which to date has worked very well. My family and I have decided to follow a natural path using homeopathic medicine and Jack was ready to help us. Thanks so much Jack for your help and advice.

Fort McMurray, Alberta.

After many attempts of self cure and antibiotics, my girlfriend recommended that I make an appointment with her homeopathic doctor. I had been suffering with intensive internal vaginal stinging, swelling, burning and dryness. This went on for months on end, the off the counter creams and several use of antibiotics proved to have temporary relief but for the most part I felt intense shooting pain with no lubrication. I was very frustrated waiting months to see a specialist who recommended I take (HRT) Hormone Replacement Therapy internal inserts for my symptoms. I had not felt comfortable in taking more medication until my test results stated information that it would be a hormonal issue. It wasn't a hormonal issue and my test results were all normal. This made me feel more anxious about my issues at hand. I could not see myself getting better any time soon. I expressed this to my friend and she urged me to have a visit with Jack. On my first meeting with Jack, I felt a bit nervous expressing my symptoms in detail but I quickly began to feel more comfortable as the session progressed along the way, I would ask him questions related to homeopathy, how it works and how he could help me. He explained that everything I said meant something, some things were more specific, but the entirety created a picture about my illness. After our session ended Jack prescribed a homeopathic remedy to stimulate my body into a healing mode. On the third day of taking this remedy, it felt as though something inside had switched on. For the first time in months, I finally had lubrication which made my burning stop. I cried and knew it was all up from here.


About six years ago I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I had tremendous bloating and gas and was unable to eat most of the foods I enjoyed. My doctor’s advice to me was to determine the foods that bothered me the most and to eliminate them from my diet. That wasn’t the answer I was looking for. I wanted to know why my body all of a sudden was unable to tolerate so many different foods.

I came to see Jack and he took my complete case. He prescribed a homeopathic remedy that fit my individual case and since then, I’m eating all the foods I enjoy. My body and overall health are in balance again.


A number of years ago I developed allergy-like symptoms that left me progressively worn out. Finally the “allergies” were affecting my nasal passageways so badly that I could not breath through my nose. It was as if my nasal passages had completely filled in, leaving me to breath only through my mouth – which at times made me panic. I couldn’t sleep, and even eating was a difficult task. After seeing my doctor at the time, I had allergy tests, head x-rays, and a meeting with specialists. The allergist said I would need to come in weekly for shots or I could count on having this problem the rest of my life. The x-rays showed inflammation which in all honesty seemed obvious without having to have four of them!

Weeks later, on the recommendation of my doctor, I saw a specialist/ surgeon who, upon examining my nose, instantly saw large nasal polyps. He offered two remedies: one being cortisone and the other surgery. Having read enough about the long-term effects of cortisone, I knew this was not an option for me. The doctor understood. He then carefully explained the surgery – not only are the polyps themselves removed, but also tiny pieces of bone that the polyps are attached to. Recovery time would be at least a few weeks. In addition, he said that even with cortisone and surgery, the polyps would most likely grow back within a few years. He was thorough enough to tell me about the risks of surgery between the eyes and close to the brain. I felt caught between a rock and a hard place. But I booked the surgery. The earliest surgery date I could get was over a month off. I was desperate. Desperate not only to breathe again but also to sleep. I hadn’t slept for months and felt like my entire well-being was slowly being chipped away.

In order to “survive” until surgery I hoped there might be something available at a Health Food Store that would help me sleep. I had already tried a number of products from the Health Food Store in my neighbourhood to no avail. One day I found myself at Gerrard Square for some reason and wandered aimlessly in my sleep-deprived state through the Health Food Store there. The store manager asked if he could help me. I explained my problem and my desperate need to sleep. Without even trying to sell me something from the shelf, he told me about Homeopath, Jack Gagliardi -- that Jack had clients he was treating for nasal polyps and they were having excellent results.

It was like an unexpected gift suddenly fell into my lap. I had an appointment with Jack and he listened very carefully, asked a number of questions, and recommended a homeopathic remedy that fit my case. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t sleepwalking!

I started using it immediately. After about two weeks I could at least breath a bit through one nostril and was sleeping slightly better. I cancelled the surgery. Over the next few months I faithfully used the tincture and within that time the polyps slowly shrank. It has been almost three years now and the polyps have not returned. I am immensely grateful to Jack not only for helping me but also for his care, attentiveness, authenticity, and highly professional approach to homeopathic medicine. Thank you Jack!!


After hurting my back at the gym, I was left with chronic pain which later developed into a severe case of sciatica. I could barely sit for a few moments and was left having to lie on the floor to find the slightest relief. After visiting my MD I was referred to a sports-injury specialist. He diagnosed the condition as sciatica and recommended anti-inflammatories and cortico-steroids. He said that it could take up to 16 weeks to resolve. I was devastated. I decided I needed to look for other options. I saw Jack and he took a thorough case. He prescribed a homeopathic remedy and within 2 days I was walking with virtually no pain and could now sit comfortably. Within a week I was pain free and back to gardening and playing golf. Thank you Jack.


After wrenching my knee in a bicycle accident, I was experiencing severe pain and still limping after 2 weeks. I was waiting for some sign of improvement but my knee was actually getting worse.

I met Jack for a homeopathic appointment. He took a detailed case, and prescribed a homeopathic remedy. In two days all pain and discomfort completely disappeared and I was walking normally. There has been no reoccurence of any symptoms since the intial treatment. I am well and truly satisifed with Jack's homeopathic treatment.


"My experience with Jack was a very positive one. I found Jack to be very non-judgmental and easy to talk to. I was experiencing some minor health problems and found Jack very helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to call on him again should any symptoms reappear."

M. Osler,