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Frequently, homeopathic treatment, deals with patients suffering  from chronic, long-standing diseases that no longer respond to  conventional treatment, or that come back after medication is  discontinued. Complex, recurrent problems usually require more time  and care to resolve than acute, uncomplicated cases. That is because  it takes time for our bodies to heal in a true sense. (However, homeopathy can  be used effectively to treat acute cases such as the flu, colds, sore  throats, ear infections in children with very rapid results.)

Usually the first appointment will last about 2 to 3 hours, depending on your case. This time  will be used to perform a Live Blood Analysis (if deemed necessary by your homeopath) and to understand the origins of your illness, the symptoms in  great detail as well as your mental and emotional state. You will be asked  many detailed and at times intimate questions. The more information you  can give to your homeopath, the easier it will be to prescribe a remedy  to stimulate your body into a healing mode.

Homeopathy is not a "quick-fix" therapy for chronic disease. It's a longer lasting treatment that focuses on the root cause of dis-ease. The goal of homeopathic treatment is to stimulate the body to complete a cure on its own which is a much loftier goal than simply suppressing symptoms.

Follow-up visits will vary depending on the condition, but in the beginning there should be several follow-up visits scheduled at least 3-4 weeks apart. This helps the homeopath see the effect of the homeopathic remedy as it stimulates a healing response. Consistency is extremely important at the beginning of treatment to be successful, so consistent follow-ups are the way to achieve good results. Those who "stick" with their homeopathic treatment consistently get the best results.

Follow-up appointments are usually 30-60 minutes in length, depending on the case.

Fee Schedule

    Chronic Cases (Homeopathic)
  • Initial 2-3 hour appointment: $210 (Children under 12 yrs: $160)
  • OPTIONAL: Additional $50 for Live Blood Analysis (A Live Blood Analysis may be performed with your Initial Visit
    based on a recommendation by your Homeopath if he believes your case depending on your medical condition -
    will benefit from the test OR at the request of the patient curious to see the state of their blood for informational purposes).
  • Follow-up appointment (30 mins - 1 hour): $60 per appointment
    Acute Cases: $25-$60 depending on the case
    * colds, flus, minor coughs, sore throats, healing after injuries (broken bones, bruising, pre and post-surgical treatment)
    Live Blood Cell Analysis with Nutritional Counselling: $70
    Homeopathic Prophylaxis (includes 2 remedies):$70

    Remedy Refills without visit: $16.50 / bottle HST is included in Remedy price**

  • ** Some remedy prices may vary *Some extended health care plans cover homeopathy, HST not included in visit prices.

  • INTERAC, MasterCard and VISA accepted


    OPTION 1: Download and print a Pre-Consultation Intake Form.
    Please remember to bring the completed form with you to your first scheduled appointment.

    OPTION 2: Download and print a PEDIATRIC Pre-Consultation Intake Form.
    Please remember to bring the completed form with you to your first scheduled appointment.

    OPTION 3: Download and print a Live Blood Cell Analysis Intake Form. (Download this form if you are ONLY making an appointment for Live Blood Analysis. If you are making a full regular homeopathic appointment please download the Pre-Consultation Intake Form above instead)
    Please remember to bring the completed form with you to your first scheduled appointment.

    * You must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to view the form


(Also Included as part of the Pre-Consultation Intake Form)

Determining the proper homeopathic remedy involves investigating and evaluating all the subjective and objective symptoms that you are experiencing in the context of your physical symptoms, individual life circumstances and environment. In order to develop an accurate picture of your circumstances, and to make our time spent in consultation most effective, I request that you think about and keep in mind the following requests for information, as in-depth and accurately as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

1. Think about, in detail, the onset of your symptoms. Any related mental, emotional or physical symptoms and/or any external condition(s) that may have contributed to your state of being at that time?

2. Think about all previous illnesses. Include any childhood diseases and if applicable, any lasting effects from these aliments. Were there any extensive therapies employed in the healing of these conditions? Did you have any reactions or long-term side effects to any such therapies?

3. Think about the symptom you are experiencing in terms of location in the body. Does this symptom shift from one place in your body to another? Related symptoms elsewhere in the body? Particular sensations associated with the symptom? How it feels/looks/smells/tastes? Anything that makes the symptom unique, striking or unusual? If pain is involved, think about the pain you endure ex. a dull ache vs. a sharp stabbing pain, a constant or periodic pain etc. Think about the onset of your pain; slow vs. sudden? How intense is the pain?

4. Make note of when your symptoms feel better or worse: time of day/ when you are hot or cold/hot or cold compresses/months/seasons/before or after eating/ sleep/moving resting certain positions/when occupied/ specific mental/emotional states. Experiment with heat or cold, warm rooms or fresh cool air, warm or cool bathing. Do you notice any difference in the symptom?

5. Are you affected in any way by different kinds of weather? Dryness/ humidity/ approaching storms/ thunderstorms/ frost/ cloudiness/ low or high altitudes/ being by the seashore.

6. Urination (if of concern): Colour/ odour/ sediment/ quantity/ frequency/ urgency.

7. Stool (if of concern): Number of stools per day/ colour/ odour/ hard/ dry/ large/ pasty/ bloody/ frothy/ slimy/ thin/ watery/ slender/ flat/ difficult or incomplete/ urging without stool.

8. Menses: Length of cycle/ length of period/ significant pain associated with menses/ length of period/ nature of the flow/ clotting cramping PMS/ mood swings/ bloating swollen tender breasts/ Cravings/ vaginal discharge with or without menses.

9. Sex: Desires/aversion/ painful intercourse/ vaginal dryness/ impotency.

10. Perspiration: Profuse/ scanty/ odour.

11. Body Temperature: Hot vs. cold body type/ hot or cold hands or feet/ hot flashes.

12. Sleep: Do you wake up at night? When? Why? How do you feel in the morning on rising? What position do you sleep-side/back/front? Are parts of the body covered or exposed with sleep? Do you have recurring dreams in your sleep? Are there any prominent themes to your dreams? Night terrors?

13. What motivates you in life? Are there lasting traits from childhood that are still an issue today? Are there running themes in your life? eg. "All my life I've been...". How would others describe you? How do you deal with change in your life? Do you need structure in your life?


Some Extended Health Care packages cover homeopathic treatment (see below). Please check with your employer for details on your coverage. If your employer does not currently cover homeopathic treatment please inform them that you would like to see homeopathic treatments covered by your insurance plan. Homeopathic treatment is one of the most cost effective medical treatments available.

Insurance Company
Coverage Amount
Johnson Insurance
up to $500/year
Great West Life Insurance
up to $500/year
Standard Life Insurance
up to $500/year
up to $500/year
up to $500/year
Green Shield
up to $500/year
Crown Insurance
up to $500/year
Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company
up to $500/year